Website queries

I have tried to place an order online but it keeps telling me it is unable to complete my transaction and to try again later


What is the minimum I can order?

  • The minimum order amount is £100


What is the maximum amount of currency you can order?

  • You may make a maximum of two orders per day which are subject to a combined total order amount of £2,500.  The maximum combined total order amount per person per year is £15,000.


I haven’t received my email confirmation

  • Please check you junk folder as it may be there.  If not then please contact our customer services team who will be able to help you.


I live in Northern Ireland or Jersey; can I order currency for collection from my nearest Thomson shop?

  • At this time we are only able to offer the home delivery service to our customers in Northern Ireland or Jersey.


I have been charged a cash advance fee why is this?

  • Transactions for the purchase of foreign currency may be treated as cash advances by your card issuer for which an additional charge may be levied.  This is not a charge levied by us, it is out of our control and we have no liability for these charges.      


Why does the ordering system round up my order?

  • Orders will be rounded up to the nearest smallest denomination available for the currency you have chosen.


Can I purchase a buy-back guarantee online?

  • At present, the buy back guarantee is only available on purchases made through our TUI Travel shops. If you wish to purchase your currency with a buy back guarantee, please visit your local TUI Travel shop for full terms and conditions.


Currency Queries

I have ordered the wrong currency can I change it?

  • Unfortunately we are not able to cancel or change your order once it has been confirmed.


Can I choose the currency denominations?

  • No, you can’t choose the denominations that they receive though we will always do our best to provide a mixture of small and large notes.


How will I know what currency I need for the country I am travelling to?

  • There is a full list of recommended currencies by country on the website under currency guide.  This should advise of the currency the customer needs


I can’t find the currency that I need on the website.

  • If it is a currency that isn’t listed in the drop down box then we aren’t able to supply it.  Turkish Lira and Israeli Shekel are preceded with the word New.


The rate has changed since I bought my currency online.  Can I get the new rate?

  • Currency rates change on a daily basis and can go up or down, however the amount they will receive will be the same as what was agreed at time of purchase and what is on their confirmation.


What do I do with my unused currency?

  • You can return your unused currency directly to us to your nearest TUI shop and we will buy back it back.


Click and Collect Orders

I have ordered currency to collect from the shop however I am too busy to collect it on that day, can I send someone else?

  • No, the only person that can collect the currency is the person who has purchased it.  We will however hold the currency in the branch after Friday but we do ask that you collect it within 7 days of their chosen collection day.


I have ordered currency for a branch collection; however my Passport and Driving license don’t match the name on the card that I have paid for my currency with.

  • You will need to take along marriage certificate or deed poll in order to confirm your name and that it has been changed legally.


Can I change the shop that I collect my currency from?

  • No, once the order has been placed and confirmed you must collect the currency from the shop that is on the confirmation. We cannot change the collection shop on our systems


Home Delivery Orders

I have ordered currency for home delivery but I wasn’t in to sign for it, what do I do?

  • You will need to contact Royal Mail directly to organise collection or re-delivery.


Travel Money card Queries

General Queries


How can I  reload my TMC?

  • You can reload your card on the Thomson Travel Money site, on 'My Account',  via the Travel Money App, or in your local TUI Travel Shop. 


I keep trying to reload my TMC but it keeps telling me it is an invalid number.

  • Please ensure you putting in the 10 digit number that is located on the back of the card and not the long number on the front of the card.


I have ordered a new TMC and it still hasn’t arrived.

  • New TMC cards do take up to two weeks to arrive.  If it still hasn’t arrived after this time then contact our customer services team who will be able to help.


Can I change my existing Travel Money Card to a new Multi-currency Travel Money Card?

  • Yes, you can change your card and transfer your funds in your local TUI Shop


How much does it cost to load currency onto the card?

  • It is free to load currency onto the card, apart from GBP where there is a 2% load fee charge.


I have reloaded my TMC but the funds still aren’t showing.

  • It can take up to 48 hours for the funds to clear. If after this time they still aren’t showing then you should contact the Travel Money Card customer services directly.


How long is my card valid?

  • You can find the expiry date on the front of the card.


Is there a maximum I can spend with the card?

  • The maximum spend per year on a Multi-currency TMC is £30,000. Maximum ATM withdrawal per year is £10,000.  For a Single currency card the maximum limit is £5,000. 


I have bought an item but it isn’t showing in my transaction history.

  • It can take up to 48 hours for the funds to clear.  If after it still isn’t showing then the customer should contact the TMC Customer services directly on 0203 1300 133


I have forgotten my pin number

  • You can reveal your PIN number on your My Account which can be accessed on the home page of this website


My Account log-in/TMC app log-in?

  • You can reset these via the My Account by clicking on Forgotten User Name or Forgotten Password


Can you tell me what my balance is?

  • You need to log onto your My Account online or the TMC app if you have a Multi-currency Travel Money Card, otherwise contact TMC customer services on 0203 1300 133


I’ve lost my TMC.

  • Contact Travel Money Card customer services 0203 1300 133 and they will be able to cancel the card to prevent any further usage.  If you have a Multi-currency TMC then they will be able to activate your second card and use this.  If you have a Single Currency Card, they will be able to arrange either a Western Union transfer or a replacement card



Multi-currency Card Queries



I have more than one currency loaded onto my Multi-Currency Travel Money Card, will it always use the one for the country I am visiting?

  • Yes, the card will always take currency from the wallet that corresponds with the currency of the country you are visiting. However, if you run out of funds in that wallet, it will start to transfer funds across from the wallet with the greatest balance available.  There is a 3% charge if this is done automatically.  To avoid this charge we recommend that you always ensure you have enough of the correct currency to cover the purchase, or transfer money across from other wallets via the My Account function online as these transfers do not incur a charge.


I am travelling out of the country I am on holiday in to go on a day trip to a country which has a different currency. I only have Euros loaded onto my Multi-Currency Travel Money Card, will the card therefore only use these?

  • The card will automatically transfer Euros into the currency that is needed to cover the cost of any purchases whilst the customer is in a different country.  There is a 3% charge for automatically transferring currency so we always recommend that you transfer the funds before you go so that you can be certain of the exchange rate and avoid this charge.


How much does it cost to transfer currencies on the Multi-currency Travel Money Card?

  • There is no cost to transfer currencies; they are done at the rate of exchange that day.


How can I transfer from one currency to another on the Multi-currency Travel Money Card?

  • This can easily be done online via the My Account on or in one of our shops.


What if I want to buy something and have enough in the overall balance to pay for it but it is split between a number of different currencies?

  • The transaction will still go through. The card will transfer currencies from the different wallets into the correct currency to cover the cost of the purchase.  The only time it will decline the transaction is if there are insufficient funds.


How do I activate my second Multi-currency Travel Money card?

  • You will need to call the customer service number on the letter received and use the activation code which is found under the 2nd card.  Please follow the automated messages to activate the card. This cannot be done in store.


Is the second card linked to a separate account?

  • No, it is linked to the same account and accesses the same funds.  However, only the primary cardholder can cash-out the account in store.


Travellers Cheques

Can I buy travellers cheques online?

  • No, we no longer sell travellers cheques. 


Gift Cards

How long will it take for my Gift Card reload to show on my account?

  • It can take up to 48 hours for a reload to be credited to a customers account.  If after 48 hours it still isn’t showing please contact the customer services team.


What is the minimum reload on a Gift Card?

  • On the website it is £100 however in store the minimum load is £10


I have lost my Gift Card what do I do?

  • Unfortunately the card is treated as cash, the balance cannot be refunded if lost, stolen or destroyed.


What can I use my Gift Card for?

  • It can be used on anything apart from Foreign currency and Western Union transactions.